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ABS Granules Gf 25% ABS Gf25

ABS Granules Gf 25% ABS Gf25

    Xiamen Keyuan Plastic CO.,Ltd.
    Brief Description:
    name:abs plastics
    1. Great color concentration
    2. Good distribution
    3. Non - toxic
    4. Surface Smooth
    1. General purpose grade: helmets, shoe heels, pipe fittings, products of low-temp usage, toys, clock housing, stereo housing, suitcase, refrigirator liner.
    2. High gloss general purpose: toys, shoe heels, clock housing, stereo housing, suitcase.
    3. High flow grade: housings of phones, culators, stereos, typewriters. Cast of chairs, toys, motorcycles & sanners.
    4. Heat resistant grade: parts of cars, electrical appliances and dryer, TV housing.
    5. Metl plating grade: wheel cover, knobs, tags, door handle of regriginator, cassettes.
    6. Transparent grade: plates, drawers & plates in refrigiratos, laboratory containers, batteries housing.
    7. Extrusion grade: extrusion products, crash helmet, pipes, suitcase, plates, inner box of regrigerator.
    8. Self-extinguishing grade: flame retardant materials, housing of TV, computers & VCR