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3D Printed Plastic Structure Bicycle Helmet Is More Sturdy And More Comfortable
Dec 12, 2018

3D printed plastic structure bicycle helmet is more sturdy and more comfortable

3D printing has always been the key to innovation in a variety of product lines. Recently, Canadian industrial designer Gabriel Boutin and founder of the additive manufacturing design company Syncro Design, Gabriel Boutin, were inspired by 3D printing to develop a series of 3D printed bicycle helmets.

The project, called Kupol, focuses on designing and manufacturing more comfortable bicycle helmets. Boutin wants to get rid of uncomfortable polystyrene foam parts, which often causes the helmet user to sweat underneath. Thanks to the patented 3D printed plastic construction, the new Kupol helmet keeps the air flowing through, making the head cooler. The weight of the entire helmet is also lighter than a traditional helmet.

To achieve his goals, Boutin worked with HP's Multi Jet Fusion technology to allow users to make plastic parts using HP MJF PA12 plastic. HP MJF PA12 plastic is a more durable and chemically resistant material that helps create directly from design to finished product.

The plastic is strong enough, which means it can withstand some collision shocks, but at the same time it is not too heavy. The material is not too expensive. This makes it suitable for prototyping and also for the production of finished products.

For Boutin, 3D printing offers an opportunity to get from prototype to finished product at a faster rate. In addition, the technology allows users to develop more complex designs and structures.

As the quality of 3D printed materials continues to increase, more and more designers choose additive manufacturing to create finished products, rather than prolonged prototyping processes. In addition, 3D printing is continuously improved, enabling users to complete their products with a high-quality surface appearance.

For his design, Boutin collaborated with Sculpteo's 3D printing service, which provides HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. Designers looking for tough plastics with good chemical resistance can be ordered through Sculpteo's online 3D printing service and HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12 black plastic.

Sculpteo also offers a range of 3D printed surface finishes, including Smoothing Beautifier surface treatment and Color Resist and Color Touch surface treatments (if not black).