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Interpreting China-US Trade War Heavy Impact On The Plastics Industry!
Apr 02, 2018

Interpreting China-US Trade War Heavy impact on the plastics industry!

U.S.  local time last Thursday (March 22nd) at 12:30 pm, Trump signed a  memorandum for China's trade, in addition to taxes on Chinese products  worth over 10 billion U.S. dollars, mainly involving increased taxation  limits and restrictions. Chinese investment and reduction of visas.
Impact  of the incident: The order of the degree of negative impact of trade  protection from the Chinese industry: steel> chemical> other metal  products> paper products, rubber products, wood products>  agricultural products> electromechanical products, textiles and  apparel. The ranking of the sensitivity of Chinese  industries to U.S. exports is: electronic equipment> mechanical  equipment> apparel manufacturing> metal products> furniture>  chemical products> plastics and rubber products> foods. (Based  on the share of exports, if the U.S. initiates a full-scale,  non-industry trade war, sensitive industries will be more affected.)

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