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Nylon 6/6 Shortage Is Aggravating: Ascend Announces Force Majeure
Jul 28, 2018

Nylon 6/6 shortage is aggravating: Ascend announces force majeure

Due to the increasingly tight price of the engineering plastics market, the demand for nylon 6/6 customers has once again tightened.

On July 10, Ascend Performance Materials announced that its Pensacola factory's Nylon 6/6 resin, compound and industrial fiber cargoes were subject to force majeure due to a fire at its plant in Pensacola, Florida.

Ascend is one of the world's largest fully integrated nylon 6/6 manufacturers

Ascend claims that its Pensacola site has the world's largest adipic acid production facility, an important monomer for the production of nylon 6/6 resin. The site also has a six-million manufacturing facility. This is one of two plants where Ascend produces nylon 6/6 comonomers. The other is located in Decatur, Alabama.

Ascend spokesperson Alison Jahn confirmed the statement of force majeure.

Jahn said: "On this point, we are evaluating when our aggregation unit will restart." She did not provide instructions for further details of the statement or fire.

Nylon 6/6 customers are vying for supplies, and polymer replacements for cars, appliances and many other industries are being scrutinized. The German-based Akro-Plastics GmbH produces an alternative modified nylon 6.

According to local media reports, around 4 am on July 10, the fire broke out in a steam pile at the Pensacola site.

At 6:36 am on July 10, Ascend wrote on Twitter that "a fire broke out at our Pensacola factory. The fire was immediately extinguished and there were no casualties."

According to PetroChemWire, Ascend wrote a letter to customers informing them that they would “distribute polymers and fibers between their internal needs and Ascend's contract customers in a fair and equitable manner.”

Ascend is one of the world's largest fully integrated nylon 6/6 manufacturers.