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PladisUK&Ireland Promises To Reduce Plastic Pollution By 2025
Dec 19, 2018

The candy and biscuit brand Pladis UK&Ireland will use recyclable, recyclable or degradable packaging for all products by 2025.

Pladis UK&Ireland, which has brands such as McVitie and Jacob, said it will improve the labeling instructions and will include the “On-Pack Recycling Label scheme” to ensure clear packaging recycling details.

The company has also expanded its partnership with TerraCycle to gradually achieve the goal of recycling plastic packaging for all products and to join the British Plastics Convention.

Scott Snell, vice president of customer relations at Pladis UK&Ireland, said: “Plastic is a very good material for many applications. It is lightweight, reduces fuel consumption during transportation, is durable and fresh, and greatly reduces food waste. The fly in the ointment is that these materials are also It can cause great damage to our wildlife and the oceans, so we have to make sure they can be recycled and reused, rather than being disposed of in the environment after use.

“That’s why we announced our long-term packaging program; we’re moving right away and getting results right away. We’re working with industry partners to make sure all our packaging is recyclable or degradable by 2025; and we’re hoping Make sure customers can use recyclable packaging. Therefore, we work with TerraCycle to replace all products with recyclable packaging.

“Even on Christmas Day, 97% of households buy biscuits; with TerraCycle, most of the packaging containing plastic wrappers is recyclable, so now is a good time to start planning.”

Although these plastic packaging will not be recycled by local recycling agencies, Pladis UK&Ireland has signed a six-year cooperation agreement with recycling company TerraCycle to ensure the recycling of customers' packaging.

TerraCycle CEO and founder TerraCycle said, “Pladis is our main partner for many years. At first we provided packaging solutions for their biscuit series. Recently, their popular cake series will also adopt our packaging solutions. It is a very interesting thing."