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Why PA66 Price Is Rising In 2018 ?
Oct 09, 2018

Why PA66 Price is rising in 2018 ?

January 24, 2018 FireWire: BASF Force Majeure
BASF  announces that it has declared force majeure for HMD, AH salts and all  PA66 polymers and chemicals (Ultramid® and capron® PA66) supplied from  Germany to the world.

February 1, 2018
Ao Shengde: PA66 is raised by USD 0.2/kg, equivalent to RMB 1400/ton;
BASF: Raise the price of PA66 products by US$400/ton, equivalent to RMB 2,560/ton;
Domo: PA66 material's increase is 150-175 euros per ton (equivalent to RMB 1180-1377 yuan / ton);
Celanese: PA66 is raised by 1,573 yuan / ton.

February 16, 2018 Solvay Force Majeure
Solvay announced that its adiponitrile plant at its French plant suffered force majeure. Aggravate the global PA66 industry chain that has been tight supply and demand. It is reported that the cause of force majeure is actually a strike.

February 20, 2018 Randic announces reduction in supply
Expected impact and reduction in supply due to force majeure and distribution details of adiponitrile;

February 22, 2018 INVISTA Force Majeure
INVISTA also announced the force majeure of adiponitrile and hexamethylenediamine in Europe

February 26, 2018 LANXESS announces an alert for the supply of PA66
Solvay and INVISTA have announced a force majeure for adiponitrile. Although  the above events came from the European market, we cannot rule out the  impact of the India and India Jahadia India plants on the supply of PA66  base resin.

June 5, 2018 Upgrade: INEOS Acrylonitrile Supply Force Majeure
INEOS  sources said that due to production problems at the company's Seal  Sands in the UK and Cologne, Germany, the company announced that its  European supply of acrylonitrile was force majeure.


At the same time, the US DuPont PA66 rose 800 yuan / ton


June 8, 2018, BASF supply again


BASF's  HMD plant (INEOS) notified the accidental electrical failure on May 31,  causing serious damage to some key components of the equipment. The  factory was accidentally shut down and it took several weeks to repair  and restart. It will be hexamethylenediamine and nylon 66. Supply is subject to severe restrictions.