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Strong Resin Pps Gf40 Md25

Strong Resin Pps Gf40 Md25

    Xiamen Keyuan Plastic Co.,Ltd. PPS Material:
    Heat resistant : Outstanding long-term heat resistance properties (UL temperature index 200-240℃, UL File No. E41797).
    Dimensional stability : Minimum molding contraction rate and coefficient of linear thermal expansion with low moisture absorption means outstanding dimensional stability even at high temperature and high humidity.
    Chemical resistance : Outstanding chemical resistance on a par with fluoroethylene resin.
    Mechanical properties : The resins offer high strength and high rigidity with minimum decline in characteristics at high temperatures. Outstanding anti-fatigue and anti-creep properties.
    Electrical properties : Offers outstanding electrical properties at high temperature, high humidity and high frequencies.
    Molding properties :Outstanding fluidity allows injection molding on a level with standard engineering plastics.