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CHINA PBT For Filament

CHINA PBT For Filament

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    1.0 viscosity PBT granules used for filament/polybutylece terephthalate granule/PBT GF 20%, 25%, 30% granules
    Polybutylene terephthalate(PBT) Resin with the continuous process in production of the world's advanced PTA, the product has the characteristics of narrow fluctuation range, the viscosity of carboxyl end group content, good color and low product.
    1.As modified materials, composite resin, modified with electrical and electronic components, auto parts, lamp holder, capacitors, connectors etc..
    2.For the production of PBT fiber. PBT filament by texturing can produce elastic fibers, elastic fibers for PBT to suit, denim fabric, decorative fabric, medical bandage, plaster and plaster cloth.
    3.The basic materialsfor optical cable sheath material.
    4.For the production of a toothbrush wire, wire brush painting makeup, wigs silk filament yarn products.
    The characteristices of PBT resin:
    1.good rigidity and strong toughness
    2.good chemical stability,excellent heat resistance and weathering resistance
    3.goood friction resistance and wear resistance
    4.high glossness and easy coloring
    5.the extremely low moisture absorption rate
    6.good dimensional stability
    7.good electrical property
    8.good processability